Work Center Reporting

Capture actual labor costs with the touch of a button and gain real-time visibility into your manufacturing operations.

In the manufacturing industry today, many companies are unaware of how productive their workers are or what it really costs to make their goods. They use estimates or standards to project labor costs. Most say that they would love to do a better job with this, but the solutions available are too complex.

Can you relate to these industry needs?

  • Are you able to accurately track job times in order to determine actual cost?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into work order activity?
  • Are ERP interfaces are too complex and inefficient for your shop floor team?

Built in NetSuite, our Work Center Reporting (WCR) solution helps work center and line operators easily report labor and quantities while giving you real-time visibility into your operations. Using an intuitive touch screen interface (or barcode scanning), WCR lets your floor workers quickly and easily:

  • Start and stop work order operations
  • Confirm or update number of labor resources/
  • Report completed quantities.
  • Report scrap quantity (last routing operation).
  • Print item labels that can also contain the work order number and reference sales order number.

Start gaining instrumental insight into your company’s day-to-day shop floor production!

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