RF-SMART Trusted by 2,000 NetSuite Customers

Another big milestone is in the books. RF-SMART is proud to partner with more than 2,000 NetSuite customers as a trusted inventory management advisor. Accuracy and efficiency are critical to any Cloud business, and we are committed to providing NetSuite solutions that ensure visibility into product location from the moment it enters your facility to the moment it exits.


Since winning SuiteApp of the Year, RF-SMART has delivered industry-leading solutions that continue to support and extend NetSuite functionality. This includes gap-filling functions like cycle counting, multiple options for picking, innovative automation offerings, and our fast, configurable, and easy-to-use shipping solution.  RF-SMART is truly a complete, end-to-end solution for any NetSuite user that requires pick, pack, ship capabilities.

“I am thrilled that RF-SMART has helped 2,000 NetSuite customers strengthen their supply chains," said Michael Morales, RF-SMART CEO. "We are partnering with our customers to meet their needs and challenges, and that aligns with our mission of transforming customers and changing lives. We are focused on creating products that improve operational efficiencies, and we will continue to create and invest in world-class inventory software solutions for NetSuite customers.”

Why did they choose RF-SMART?

Like any NetSuite user looking to automate their warehouse processes, these 2,000 companies thoroughly evaluated their options. Below are a few factors to consider when looking for a inventory partner for NetSuite:

  • Is the partner a subject matter expert? RF-SMART team members come from diverse backgrounds that make them suited to lead your implementation with industry best practices. They are certified in your ERP and ready to help.
  • Does the partner offer a robust shipping solution? RF-SMART Shipping provides the right tools to make shipping decisions easy, error-proof, and automatic, allowing companies to meet their SLA requirements.
  • Does the partner provide a one-stop shop for all your needs? Everything should live in one place. At RF-SMART, we can assist you with both your software and hardware needs. Plus, we support the hardware we sell!
  • Has the product been fully tested? You deserve stability with your solution. Does your solution perform full functionality regression testing every night, eliminating the need for user tests before implementing updates?  

    Implementation was a very positive experience. The RF-SMART implementation team is very experienced, informative and thorough. It felt like we were working with a family business. That’s the level of service we received.”  - The Kevito Group

If you’re interested in learning more about RF-SMART for NetSuite, speak to our team.

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