BedMart Case Study

BedMart, retailer of high-quality mattresses, bedding, and furniture, provides customers with all things needed for a good night’s rest. With SummitIT, an RF-SMART Printing Solution, in their toolkit, they’ve transformed their label printing process, creating greater visibility and clarity for their warehouse team. 

With over 40 retail locations between Oregon and Hawaii, BedMart transacts thousands of inventory items a day. In early 2022, the BedMart team determined that they were ready to make the move to a cloud-based ERP, NetSuite. 

Elana Stone, BedMart VP of Marketing, led their digital transformation to NetSuite with the help of an implementation partner. Almost immediately, Elana began searching for a labeling solution to keep the warehouse materials moving. “We were having issues figuring out how to label items. I knew there had to be a better way,” Elana said. “Our implementation partner mentioned customers who had been successful using SummitIT, RF-SMART’s printing solution, so we reached out.” From there, RF-SMART’s team and BedMart began a strong partnership that has proven to be a great pairing.


Quick Problem Solving

As BedMart transitioned to NetSuite, they were looking for a Built-in-NetSuite solution to meet their labeling needs. “Before SummitIT by RF-SMART, the information we were able to put on the labels from NetSuite was very limited,” said Elana. “I was introduced to their team and within seven hours we were using their solution.” During their NetSuite onboarding, this quick turnaround was a massive benefit. “I was really grateful how easily and quickly we were able to get up and running,” said Elana.

Part of this speed was due to their user-friendly implementation. When implementing BedMart’s printing instance, Elana was able to provide mock-ups of each label, then the SummitIT labels were coded and customized in record time. Alongside BedMart’s new labels, they were able to match their existing printer hardware to meet necessary functionality and help their team plan for scaling with future printer recommendations.

Cutting-Edge Printing

To expand their operation further, BedMart decided to invest in additional printers for their warehouse. “It was recommended we purchase four-inch printers with a cutter, which was an awesome idea - it’s been amazing,” said Elana. RF-SMART’s SummitIT team was then able to transfer the necessary label designs to the appropriate labeling format. “SummitIT was very quick to create new templates for the new printers,” said Elana. These new printers allow the team to print multiple label sizes all from the same desktop hardware. “We now have different size price labels depending on inventory size,” said Elana. “We sell big products, such as mattresses, so to have a tiny label up on racks is unhelpful. Now we’re able to have multiple sizes and the printer cuts based off the template SummitIT created for us.” This was a huge value add for their team, and it allowed them to accommodate the different sizes of their products from one printer. 

With the support of SummitIT, BedMart can create more labels in their supply chain process to increase overall product visibility. BedMart is now using SummitIT in many parts of the inventory life cycle, including product labels, price tags, and sold tags. “It’s so helpful because we don’t have to switch out different medias per printer, and we don’t have to stock different materials. With multiple locations, we can streamline with one compact printer,” Elana said.

Seamless Process

SummitIT was able to conform to BedMart’s existing label process, eliminating the need to train users on new procedures. “Because of SummitIT, we were able to maintain consistency in our warehouse and not completely have to redesign the process, which was already working,” Elana said. With the solution's customizable formatting options, the new labels were able to match the previous designs and kept orders clearly identifiable. “We do have a ton of items that were previously labeled, and I didn’t want to have to have our teams go through and relabel absolutely every item in the warehouse. When we went with SummitIT, we were able to keep consistency moving from one solution to the next.”

One of the most important pieces of their existing labeling process took place at receiving. Anytime new items are received at the warehouse, their team pre-prints labels off the purchase order. Printing before receiving ensures their inventory is accurate, and helps their workers identify any missing product.

Cloud Printing

Another benefit of purchasing SummitIT was being able to print labels remotely to various locations through their cloud printing feature. This has helped Elana and her team communicate more effectively across their 43 retail locations. “The process is automatic. Our team simply selects which template they need to print out, which printer to print to, and it’s done,” says Elana. This has helped their team navigate printer errors faster, being able to remotely troubleshoot straight from their NetSuite instance.

Easy to Do Business With 

Since labeling is such a pivotal part of their warehouse and retail environments, having a knowledgeable team supporting their solution is crucial. “When I need help, I have been able to get a quick response. Half the time, the issue has already been resolved before we have a conversation,” said Elana. 

When considering what other NetSuite users should do when searching for a printing solution, Elana strongly recommended RF-SMART’s SummitIT. “Sign up for SummitIT and they will take care of you,” Elana said, “Skip the headache, and choose a partner that you don’t have to worry about. SummitIT is that partner.” 

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“Because of SummitIT, we were able to maintain consistency in our warehouse and not completely have to redesign the process, which was already working."

Read how RF-SMART's SummitIT was able to help BedMart find label printing success.

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