NetSuite Inventory Management (No Bins)

Customers who do not have bins enabled can still take advantage of world-class barcoding in their Warehousing / Distribution operations with our NetSuite Inventory Management solution.

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you need to fulfill orders more quickly and accurately?
  • Do you struggle with inventory accuracy?
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your inventory levels and warehouse operations?
  • Do you know what your workers are doing? 
  • Improve inventory accuracy 
  • Give you full visibility, in real-time
  • Track the entire process, from inbound to outbound
  • Get data on your warehouse performance 
  • Access a full inventory that can be compared to your general ledger

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RF-SMART Inventory Management

RF-SMART fully enables barcoding for NetSuite to provide 100% visibility into product location. The ability to maintain “one version of the truth” for inventory data allows managers to quickly identify if there are any discrepancies with their customer satisfaction.

All functions listed support and enhance Inventory Status , multi-language, and barcode parsing.


Functions in this package:

Be like BarProducts, Get Better Results

Prior to RF-SMART, BarProducts was running a paper operation that offered zero visibility into warehouse operations. Too many points of failure and opportunities for human error spelled disaster for BarProducts, which often came about by way of shipping the wrong item or forgetting to ship an item at all. 

They knew there was a better way.

Since implementing RF-SMART, BarProducts’ customers are complaining 50% less often and errors have decreased by the same amount. They are now able to pick 30 orders with one pass, which has enabled the company to reach a new milestone: same-day shipping! In addition to all of this, the company has an accurate inventory log for the first time in its history. Combined, these changes have lead to growth for BarProducts, which means that everyone wins.

“We can confidently say that RF-SMART has provided us with the most clarity in our warehouse functions. It allows us to run our business better.”

Read how found the traceability and transparency needed with RF-SMART.

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