NetSuite Manufacturing & Inventory Management

Take advantage of mobile Netsuite Manufacturing capabilities, such as barcoding functionality for your manufacturing, shop floor and inventory operations (even without using bins!)

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you manufacture or assemble goods and need to track them?
  • Do you use work centers and routings to capture labor during production? 
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your NetSuite work orders and assemblies?
  • Do you want to increase productivity while improving accuracy?


By electronically collecting, validating and entering data into NetSuite—and by directing employees to perform their tasks—RF-SMART enables manufacturers to accurately accomplish more with fewer resources. 

Our Manufacturing Execution with Inventory Management solution offers the manufacturing data collection functionality you need to optimize performance. 

All functions listed also support and enhance Inventory Status.

Functions in this package:

In addition, manufacturers receive the following mobile inventory management functionality:

RF-SMART Works With or Without Bins

We also offer a complete solution for manufacturers who use bins or advanced bins.  Regardless of whether you use bins or not, RF-SMART makes it fast and easy to execute manufacturing, movement, management and fulfillment processes.

Are you looking for real time visibility and improved accuracy?

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