NetSuite Manufacturing & Inventory Management

Take advantage of mobile manufacturing capabilities using barcoding functionality in your manufacturing, shop floor and inventory operations (without using bins!)

Can You Relate to These Industry Needs?

  • Do you manufacture or assemble goods and need to track them?
  • Do you use work centers and routings to capture labor during production? 
  • Do you need real-time visibility into your NetSuite work orders and assemblies?
  • Do you want to increase productivity while improving accuracy?


If you're looking to automate paper processes on your shop floor, RF-SMART can help. Our mobile Work Order Completion function, for example, prompts workers to complete stock for a work order by simply scanning the Order (you can also view a list of all orders that are ready for completion). Once built, RF-SMART directs the user to the correct staging bin to place it in. All of this is reported in NetSuite in real-time so everyone, from the shop floor to the accounting office, has the necessary information. 

Functions in this package:

In addition, manufacturers receive the following mobile inventory management functionality:

All functions listed also support and enhance Inventory Status, multi-language and barcode parsing.




Be like Kateeva, Get Better Results

As a start-up, Kateeva needed solutions that could scale with their tremendous growth and manage their complicated manufacturing processes. 

Replacing manual, paper-based processes with NetSuite and RF-SMART, Kateeva looked to gain control over their inventory. 

“RF-SMART was the only solution with enough capability to take our configurations and still be able to operate. We are handling massive amounts of materials to go into just one printer. We needed a system that would scale, and we found that in RF-SMART.”

As they set up their warehouse, Kateeva relied on the expertise of the RF-SMART teams. A site survey helped them optimize their warehouse set-up. RF-SMART was on site for implementation and training, alleviating resource constraints. 

Kateeva is using RF-SMART transactions including Work Order Assembly, WIP and Cycle Counts. They are counting double the inventory in 50% less time, and inventory accuracy is 99.97%. “Our volume is going up significantly, and RF-SMART scales with our growth.” 

With RF-SMART as our consistent system of record, we have been closing the inaccuracy gap monthly. Our inventory is currently 99.97% accurate, and we have seen that level sustained over time. This critical aspect of our business is under control.

Read how Kateeva has optimized their manufacturing operations.

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