PAC Trading Case Study

PAC Trading, a disposable food packaging wholesaler out of Sydney, Australia, prides themselves on being a sustainable brand. Sustainability comes from two places: their commitment to being as environmentally friendly as possible, and the technology they’ve chosen to implement to fortify their business.

PAC Trading needed an ERP system that could accommodate their growing business and many product lines. Their products range from generic to personalized – and all compostable or recyclable. As custom production is a crucial part of their business, PAC Trading selected NetSuite to help transform their company. On the recommendation of their implementation partner, PAC Trading decided to implement RF-SMART for inventory management. “We wanted to be able to scan all the goods,” said Cynthia Xin, Managing Director, “and we also wanted it to integrate with the ERP.” In this NetSuite Case study we'll look at the importance of scalability, stock counting functions and inventory visibility. 

pac trading 2Packing up Disparate Systems

Before NetSuite and RF-SMART, PAC Trading was using two separate systems for enterprise planning and warehouse management that required a manual push to sync with one another. As a result, their data was never up to date, and there was often a lag between the two systems. By adopting RF-SMART, a WMS built for NetSuite, PAC Trading no longer faces this issue.

The integration between RF-SMART and NetSuite is simple: RF-SMART is built on NetSuite’s platform and is a certified SuiteApp solution. Being built on NetSuite means there’s never any lag time in visibility. “Not having that lag gives us real-time inventory control. We see where our product is at all times and that’s also improved our efficiency as well,” said Cynthia.

Sustainable Inventory Practices

The power of mobility is making PAC Trading more efficient across three different warehouses in the Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney areas. Receipts to these three locations has never been easier, as PAC Trading is now able to receive inventory on a mobile scanner the minute it enters the warehouse. “Using RF-SMART is very easy,” said Cynthia, “it is very intuitive.”

With 150 to 200 orders per day leaving each warehouse, it was imperative that the team reduce as many errors as possible. Since their orders are often customized, the verification of RF-SMART was imperative to reduce mis-ships. The easy-to-use, color-coded RF-SMART interface verifies when PAC Trading pickers and packers grab the correct item through both a green confirmation on the screen and an audible beeping noise.

The biggest difference for PAC Trading has been the ability to stock count without interruption to their business. “Counting is my favorite feature,” said Cynthia. By implementing mobile scanning, PAC Trading is limiting the number of recount inquiries. PAC uses both cycle counts and an annual count to ensure that their inventory is completely accurate.

I've been in warehouses where the whole warehouse has to shut down for three days while they prepare for the stock count. Then it takes you a day to do all the adjustments with all the recounts. With RF-SMART, you don't have that because it's already so accurate,” Cynthia said. “Efficiency has improved at least 30% when compared to the previous method of counting.”

RF-SMART is the Whole Package

Overall, implementing mobility into their warehouse has improved accuracy in PAC Trading’s operations and brought value to their business. Since choosing to partner with RF-SMART in 2016, PAC Trading has reduced errors while seeing the value of real-time visibility. PAC Trading would recommend RF-SMART to other NetSuite users in need of a WMS. “Our warehouse doesn’t function without RF-SMART,” said Cynthia.

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“We have real-time inventory control with RF-SMART. We see where our product is at all times and that’s improved our efficiency. Our warehouse doesn’t function without RF-SMART.”

Read how PAC Trading's cycle counting increased efficiency by 30% with RF-SMART.

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