Skin Script Case Study

Distributing products around the US, Skin Script needed software solutions to help manage their growing company. Based on recommendations from their partner, Eide Bailly, the first part of this growth initiative was implementing NetSuite and RF-SMART to enable inventory management and financial planning.

Complementary  Partners

To help ensure an efficient implementation and go-live of NetSuite, Skin Script looked to Eide Bailly. A 5-star NetSuite partner, Eide Bailly has a wealth of implementation experience and used that knowledge to answer any questions Skin Script employees had. They were able to show Skin Script employees ideas on how to optimize their warehouse to align with NetSuite processes. Part of that optimization was recommending RF-SMART to fulfill mobile inventory management and eliminate manual sales order picking processes. 

The team at Skin Script felt RF-SMART was the best partner for inventory management compared to other SuiteApp solutions because RF-SMART’s functionality fit their business needs. Plus, Skin Script felt the attentiveness and customer service they experienced during the sales cycle was indicative of the response they would receive from the RF-SMART team as a customer.

RF-SMART Customer Skin Script

Flawless Functionality

Skin Script now uses RF-SMART to complete sales order picking and packing. This includes mobile functionality for restocking, bin putaway, and bin transfers. While Skin Script did not have bins prior to RF-SMART, as they moved to a new warehouse, they set it up to mirror the flow of transactions in RF-SMART. The result was a more logical warehouse. “I no longer have employees asking where items are,” said Tim Chapman, Shipping Warehouse Manager. “RF-SMART prompts them to the right location.”

RF-SMART Sales Order Picking has reduced errors and increased efficiency for Skin Script. Because RF-SMART prompts users to scan product as it’s picked, the system prevents users from picking incorrectly. “We’re benefiting from the decrease in errors – but it’s the increase in efficiency that’s really impacting our operations. It’s more than I anticipated,” Tim said.

Due to the more efficient warehouse layout and streamlined picking, order picking has doubled. Prior to RF-SMART, orders capped out at 250 a day; now, they are picking 500+. What’s more, they are
no longer playing catch up on Mondays due to orders coming in on the weekends. Once picked, RF-SMART Pack Station gives Skin Script visibility into the shipping process, while reducing packing

Prior to RF-SMART, Skin Script employees were packing boxes immediately after they were manually picked, but the shipping label was not applied until later in the process, which resulted in errors. With RF-SMART controlling the picking and packing, orders are picked, packed and labeled in succession, with RF-SMART prompting users to scan at every step to ensure accuracy. The efficiency in their shipping department is allowing Skin Script to offer same day shipping – a primary objective of implementing an inventory management solution.

Orders shipped quickly and accurately are reducing customer service strains. Additionally, real-time inventory updates reflected in NetSuite via RF-SMART mean that customer service reps are able to quickly and accurately answer customer questions because they have total visibility into where product is at all times. “Our goal is to keep our customers happy by shipping their orders as quickly as possible. RF-SMART has made a huge difference across our company,” said Tim.

Easy Implementation, Easy to Use

Part of the RF-SMART difference is due to easy implementation and training. “RF-SMART team members
are so knowledgeable about NetSuite – in addition to RF-SMART,” said Tim. The team used this knowledge during implementation to ensure that RF-SMART was set up to match Skin Script’s business needs. A step-by-step approach for implementation and training resulted in a smooth transition for everyone.

“RF-SMART is straightforward, so it makes it easy to train my users,” said Tim. RF-SMART is designed with the user in mind: The on-screen prompts tell users where to go and what items to scan. “It’s intuitive; anyone that’s used a smartphone can use RF-SMART,” Tim said.

The same is true from an administration side. Tim has found that he’s not spending much time working on RF-SMART, leaving him time for other tasks.

Superb Support

The level of customer service that impressed the Skin Script team during the sales cycle has continued. Any questions have been answered by the RF-SMART Support team very quickly. “I can’t express how high of a level of service I receive. Everyone at RF-SMART is really concerned with our needs and is so quick to respond,” Tim said.

Beyond the customer service interactions, Skin Script is also benefiting from the other forms of customer service offered by RF-SMART. From monthly customer training webinars to a repository of customer-centric help articles, the team is easily able to get the information they need to maximize their use of RF-SMART. Not to mention they know that RF-SMART is proactive concerning NetSuite updates.

“RF-SMART was prepared for NetSuite updates, and so I never experienced any downtime,” said Tim.

The Start of a Beautiful Relationship

As Skin Script looks to the future, they plan to begin using RF-SMART cycle counting functionality to bring even more accuracy to their inventory. “The more accurate our inventory, the better we can project, and the more accurate our reorders will be,” Tim said. They are also looking at bin replenishment to automatically create lists for employees to use when restocking. With functionality like this, the Skin Script team feels confident they can continue to scale the business without adding additional headcount in the warehouse.

“The functionality is exactly what we needed, but what I appreciate the most is the partnership,” said Tim. “I know that any question will be answered quickly and any problem will be solved. That’s what impresses me about RF-SMART.”


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““RF-SMART is straightforward, so it makes it easy to train my users. RF-SMART is designed with the user in mind: The on-screen prompts tell users where to go and what items to scan. It’s intuitive; anyone that’s used a smartphone can use RF-SMART.”

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