Noonday Collection Case Study

Sourcing an online collection and distributing their products mainly through website sales, Noonday Collection has seen a decade of growth. Needing systems to accommodate this growth, Noonday Collection implemented NetSuite and RF-SMART.

Noonday Collection boasts an assortment of jewelry and accessories made by artisans around the world. Prior to implementing NetSuite and then RF-SMART for mobile inventory management, Noonday’s employees were picking inaccurately and inefficiently.

“Our goal in implementing RF-SMART was to increase inventory visibility,” said Chelsea Pickering, Manager of Business Information and Accounting. The team at Noonday was confident RF-SMART was the right mobile solution because of its recommendation by NetSuite and its Native NetSuite integration.


Game Changing Accuracy & Efficiency

Noonday uses RF-SMART for all inventory movement in their warehouse, from receiving to inventory transfers to bin replenishment. “Compared to our previous system, RF-SMART is astronomically better,” said Saeeda Buzzeo, Operations Manager. RF-SMART prompts Noonday employees to the correct location in their warehouse for all inventory movement.

“Locating inventory is more efficient and saves resource time,” Saeeda said. “Our full-time pickers are maintaining the same capacity we normally see during the holidays, with 15 additional temporary staff.”

Not only are operations more efficient, but Noonday’s inventory is also more accurate. Scanning items with RF-SMART has increased picking accuracy, which in turn, has decreased shipping errors. RF-SMART Cycle Count functionality has also increased inventory accuracy. Using a rotating system, Noonday employees count 5-6 SKUs daily. This ensures all items are counted several times a year. “Daily cycle counts allow us to catch inventory discrepancies sooner rather than later,” said Saeeda. This is impacting the bottom line at Noonday Collection. “Loss due to inventory variance has improved since implementing RF-SMART,” said Chelsea.

In addition to inventory management, RF-SMART has improved the overall organization at the Noonday Collection warehouse. Because RF-SMART follows a systematic process to direct employees through picking activities to the ship station, Saeeda is noticing that her team is more efficient due to the organized process. “RF-SMART has been a game-changer,” she said.

Smooth & Straightforward Implementation & Training

Using RF-SMART was a smooth process right from the start. While implementing, the RF-SMART team did a walk-through of Noonday’s warehouse and offered suggestions on how to best use RF-SMART to fit the needs of their operation. “The RF-SMART team was very helpful during implementation by preparing us for the transition,” said Chelsea. “A lot of companies don’t offer that level of service. We really appreciate it and its impact on our business.”

Compared to other systems, Saeeda and her team find using RF-SMART to be very easy. “My team was able to hit the ground running - even those with no warehouse experience find RF-SMART easy to use,” said Saeeda. “I really value that it is so easy and quick – less than 30 minutes – to train someone new. It is much quicker than our previous processes.”

Anytime the Noonday Collection team encounters a question, RF-SMART Support works quickly to answer it. “RF-SMART Support is responsive and available,” said Chelsea. As well, Saeeda and other managers take advantage of the help documentation available to RF-SMART customers. This allows them to troubleshoot and increase their RF-SMART knowledge at any time.

As this growing company looks ahead, the management team at Noonday Collection is excited about the growth potential with RF-SMART. They plan to explore and leverage the RF-SMART Inventory Reporting tools to help them better manage common inventory issues. They also want to look at ways RF-SMART can further increase efficiency in packing and shipping orders.

“At Noonday, we are all about efficiency, reducing the number of steps it takes to complete a transaction and the seamless process RF-SMART has brought to our operations,” Saeeda said

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“Daily cycle counts allow us to catch inventory discrepancies sooner rather than later. This is impacting the bottom line at Noonday Collection. Loss due to inventory variance has improved since implementing RF-SMART.”

Read how RF-SMART has reduced the number of steps it takes to complete a transaction, resulting in a seamless process for Noonday.

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